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LCD panel refurbishment

We are providing refurbishment of LCD panels with CCFL backlight.
After measurment of panel chassis are exchanged some old components of high-voltage supply to obtain right supply voltage for CCFL tubes. After monitor cleaning are exchanged CCFL tubes. Then we provide panel measurment again and panel assembling. Refurbishment process is ended by LCD panels stabilisation in working condition through 48 hours minimum.
Refurbishment is provided only for more quantity of identical LCD panels. Individual´s LCD panels refurbishment isn´t provided. The reasons are expansive costs of first chassis revision and measurment and requirement of more quantity of CCFL tubes delivery from producer.
Our company is aimed at the present to refurbishment of 10,4" LCD panels made by Kortek. Refurbishment of these panels was started on the end of 2009 Year, when we successfuly refurbished 62 pieces. We also successfuly refurbished 185 pieces in the Year 2010 and 156 pieces in the Year 2011.

RETON - LCD panels refurbishment