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Spare parts for Cash Dispensers - ATM

RETON is delivering wide range of spare parts for Cash Dispensers produced by NCR, Dibelod / IBM, Wincor Nixdorf.
We are delivering parts for ATM from year 2000 to services company of a bigest ATM provider in Czech republic.
If you are interesting in our offer, please send us some details of inquired spare parts - original type name, its part number and inquired quantity. We will prepare for you our quotation on base of these informations. Delivery time is usually on about 3-4 weeks from date of binding order.

List of some delivered spare parts

RETON - presenter parts

  • Card readers
  • Presenters
  • Plastic cassettes ( new! )
  • Motherboards
  • Control boards
  • CPU boards
  • Shutters
  • Operator panels
  • Power supplies
  • Safe units
  • MCRW tracks
  • Reject blocks
  • Feed blocks
  • Guide exits
  • Shafts - tension, entry, purge, drive
  • Bearing inserts
  • Belts - transport, drive, synchronous, drum
  • Motors - stepper, shutter, line feed
  • Antistatic brushs
  • Gears - drive, clutch, pulley, idler
  • Springs
  • Card throads
  • Feed rollers
  • Guide plates
  • Keyboards membranes
  • Sensors - open, head printer, black dot
  • ... and many others

RETON - ATM parts