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Formenti monitor kit II.

This kit is allowing exchange of original used dispaly tube types M23JGD22XX07 or E2957B22 by newest display tube type M23LCD32X02.
Because of different working condition of these tubes, we are reconstructing monitor by these steps :

  • Dismantling of original tube including original video-signal amplifier board.
  • Cleaning of all electronic boards, exchange of all used electrolytic capacitors and control of their funcion.
  • Modification of horizontal deflection curcuit board.
  • Adding of new switched power supply to the rear monitor cover.
  • Adding of new video-signal amplifier board ( different heating and tube base type ).
  • Modification of front monitor panel.
  • Mounting of new display tube type M23LCD32X02.
  • Setting of all monitor electronic circuits and its 48 hours stabilization.
  • Setting of all monitor´s working conditions according of technical documantation of 10” VGA Colour Monitor 568X.

Reconstruction of ATM 586X is protected by protected industrial design owned by RETON Czech republic.

Formenti monitor kit